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Sedation Dentistry Services in Brentwood, CA

Sedation may be a comfort to patients who are nervous or anxious about visiting the dentist. Many patients put off visiting the dentist due to these feelings. At Fairview Dental, we offer sedation dentistry as an option for patients who might have some hesitation about receiving dental treatment.

Visits to the dentist are important in order to maintain good oral health. When a person is plagued by feelings of anxiety or nervousness when it comes to dental visits, they might miss some. This can result in issues that require even more dental treatment. Sedation dentistry can be used to help our patients feel at ease when they visit our office. We want to make sure you are in a comfortable and anxiety-free environment here at Fairview Dental. Sedation dentistry can help achieve this state of calm.

We offer different types of sedation at Fairview Dental. Some of these include:

  • Local Anesthesia: Local anesthesia is used to numb the area that is undergoing treatment. The anesthetic stops the pain receivers from reaching the brain. This is administered by injection at the treatment site before the procedure starts.
  • Laughing Gas: Laughing gas is known for its euphoric, “laughing,” feeling that comes after it is administered. This type of sedation is administered by a small mask that is placed over the nose of the patient allowing them to breathe in the sedation. The effects of laughing gas kick in immediately and wear off not long after treatment is completed.
  • Oral Sedation: An oral sedative is given in the form of a pill, and is taken about 30 minutes to an hour before the treatment begins. This type of sedation will make you feel relaxed and drowsy. Though it is not designed for a patient to fall asleep, one might due to the calm feeling that is associated with the pill. The effects of the sedation can last after the procedure is completed, so someone must be present to drive you home after treatment is done.

Our team at Fairview Dental is dedicated to making sure our patients receive the dental care they need. If anxiety or nerves are stopping you from visiting the dentist, sedation dentistry may help you. If you would like to learn more about our sedation dentistry options, call our office at (925) 255-1485.

Our Happy Patients

"Dr. Luu and his staff are an awesome team! They were attentive and patient with my kids, which made our family visit enjoyable. Dr. Luu was very thorough with my exam and even showed detailed photographs of my teeth afterwards. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends!"

Katherine C.

"Highly recommend Dr Luu as your dentist. I had major pain on one tooth and called in to see if they could see me the same day. They told me to go in right away. Very friendly staff and Dr Luu explained the treatment I needed. I left his office with no pain. I will be going back."

Aseret D.

"Very friendly and professional. Dr. Luu is a great dentist. My daughter got her wisdom teeth pulled out and he took good care of her. I even called after hours and he answered us and helped us right away. All the staff is great. Very clean place."

Nina P.
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