Permanent Teeth

The teeth that are inside of your mouth are called your permanent teeth and they will be there for the rest of your life. If you do not take the time to care for your permanent teeth, you can lose them and be left without any teeth in your mouth. Gum disease and tooth decay can lead to the complete destruction of your teeth and these conditions are extremely common. It is important that you brush and floss your teeth to ensure they remain healthy.

At Fairview Dental, we want you to come into our Brentwood office to have your teeth looked over and cleaned. Dr. Luu will look over your mouth to identify any signs of problems such as tooth decay or cancer. We will use our digital x-ray machine to take pictures of your teeth and look for any underlying issues. These x-rays will allow Dr. Luu to see how far the issue extends into your teeth or gums.

Dr. Luu is experienced in all types of dental work and there is no problem that he cannot handle here in our Brentwood office. Dr. Luu has performed many extractions and complicated surgeries inside of our office and he will provide you with a treatment plan that meets your needs.

If you do need to have a tooth extracted, do know that it is the LAST resort. We do not like to extract teeth and we try to save them whenever we can. If you need to have an extraction done, do not fear though. Dr. Luu will work with you to make sure you are comfortable and experience no pain. We also offer tooth replacement options here in our Brentwood office to restore your smile.

Your Permanent Teeth Can Be Ruined by Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is one of the most common reasons why patients come into our Brentwood office. It is a serious condition and it can escalate to the point where your tooth becomes loose, falls out, or turns dark in color. Many patients never realize that there is a problem with their tooth until it starts to hurt and needs to be filled or restored.

Tooth decay can appear on any permanent tooth and then lead to gum disease when it is not handled properly. Infections can also form. The earliest stages of tooth decay can usually be reversed, but most cases are too far advanced to be saved. Once tooth decay has begun, it cannot be stopped. The procedure used for tooth decay is to fill, extract, or crown the tooth.

Tooth decay that is moderate in nature may go down into the pulp of your tooth and this can cause serious pain and you may need a root canal. Severe tooth decay may require an extraction.

Tooth Loss Occurs When Gum Disease is Not Taken Care Of

Periodontal disease is best known as gum disease and it is a common condition that many adults suffer from.

In fact, gum disease can sit silent for many years and the patient will not even know there is a problem until their tooth is loose or falls out.

When you have gum disease, you will notice that your gums ache, bleed, and your teeth are loose. It is crucial that your dental health is checked up and that you have any issues identified and correct immediately.

Regular dental checkups are needed to help ensure any signs of tooth decay and gum disease are caught. Many of our patients have no idea that

they have gum disease present and they simply continue on with life and the gum disease continues to progress. The early stages of gum disease are referred to as gingivitis and the further advanced stages are called periodontitis.

Gum disease is able to be treated, but it often requires a comprehensive and deep cleaning of your tooth and roots. Prescription medications may be prescribed to you and can include mouthwash and toothpaste or antibiotics.

If you do have gum disease, Dr. Luu will talk it over with you and create a treatment plan that addresses it. We work hard to ensure your permanent teeth are as healthy as possible.

Extractions? What to Expect and Know

If you need to have an extraction performed, Dr. Luu is ready to speak with you and make sure that you understand what to expect. The first step in the extraction process involves the identification of the individual tooth to be removed. You will receive a topical anesthetic and a dam will be placed around the tooth.

Dr. Luu will use a special tool that will wiggle the tooth until it is loose and able to be removed from your mouth. Once the tooth is removed, Dr. Luu will place stitches, when needed. You will experience some bleeding and a piece of gauze will be placed into your mouth. You will need to leave it there for some time to soak up the blood and then remove it when it is time and replace it.

Extractions do not always require pain medications, but if you do, Dr. Luu will prescribe them to you. Before you leave our Brentwood office, you will receive care instructions. If you have any questions about the procedure, call our office today.

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If you need to have one of your permanent teeth extracted, it may be because of tooth decay or gum disease. If that is the case, we will help you and provide you with a treatment plan. It is important that you receive dental care immediately should you think you have tooth decay.
Dr. Luu has performed tons of procedures in our Brentwood office and has help many patients improve the look of their smile. At Fairview Dental, we care about you and we want to provide you with the smile that you want. If you would like to schedule an appointment with us, call our office now to schedule your FREE consultation with us.