Sinus Lift

Do you have any teeth missing from inside of your mouth? Are you ready to replace those missing teeth, but maybe you have not found the right method that works for you? If you do not have enough bone in your jaw, you will find that you cannot receive the dental implants you need. This is often a sad situation for patients, especially those who had their heart set on new teeth. There is a solution though and it is used more often than you may know.

If you find out that you do not have enough jaw bone, come to Fairview Dental in Brentwood, CA. Dr. Luu will perform a sinus lift to help regenerate bone growth and provide you with the solution you need to receive the dental implants you want.

What is a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift is a procedure that is performed to add bone to your upper jaw. At Fairview Dental, Dr. Luu will take -rays of your mouth and determine how much bone is missing and how severe the situation is. If you are missing a lot of upper jaw bone, you will be recommended for the sinus lift procedure. The name of the procedure sounds scarier than it actually is – we promise.

The procedure is performed to add more bone to the upper portion of your jaw. This will allow you to receive the implants you want for your missing teeth. Often times, the bone you receive will be added into your sinuses. If you need to have lower jaw bone, it is a bone graft.

The bone that is injected into your sinuses will be added directly to your jaw. Dr. Luu will lift up the sinus area to add in the additional bone and provide room for it. You will not have to undergo any additional surgery to move the membrane.

As an experienced and trained dentist, Dr. Luu can complete the lift procedure right here in our Brentwood office. You never have to worry about any type of hospital stay or multiple appointments to check the progress. Once the procedure is done, you go home and wait until your follow up to ensure the bone has grown.

Why a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift is required when you are missing bone in the upper portion of your jaw and you want dental implants. There are many reasons why you may be missing the bone you need and it can range from gum disease to trauma.

It is important that if you are missing bone, you do have it replaced, so that you can receive the additional Brentwood cosmetic procedures you desire.

Benefits of a Sinus Lift

There are many reasons why you may need to have a sinus lift performed. One of the first and most commonly chosen reasons is because you want to receive dental implants for your missing teeth. To have implants, you will need to have enough bone in the jaw to fuse with the post. If there is not enough bone, the procedure will not work.

If you have implants put into your jaw and bone is not available, you will find that the implants are weakened over time and fall out.

In addition to tooth replacement, you will receive a boost of confidence from knowing that your teeth look good. You will never be embarrassed again about smiling in public and you will be able to freely enjoy your time in any social situation.

Lastly, a sinus lift is able to stop any structural changes in your face that may occur when you lose bone. These facial changes can cause your face to sag or droop.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

If you need to have a sinus lift performed by Dr. Luu, you may be wondering if there are any type of risks involved with the process. As with any dental procedure, there are some risks involved with the main one being an infection. It is common for an infection to occur at any stage of the healing process, but most common right after the procedure. If you do have an infection, it must be treated quickly to stop the spread of it.

Another risk that is involved is that you may experience some mild symptoms from swelling to a light bleed. The area may be painful as well.

Another risk you face is that the procedure may create a hole in the membrane. If this happens, the membrane will need time to heal before bone can be added to the upper portion of the jaw. Tears in the membrane happen easily, so it is important to work with a trained dentist such as Dr. Luu.

Most patients who undergo this procedure have a successful experience with it. In fact, Dr. Luu has a 100 percent success rate for sinus lifts.

/ The Procedure

When you come into our Brentwood, CA office for a sinus lift, you will be prepped for it. The sinus lift is done when Dr. Luu cuts into your gums. The cut is made at the top portion of your gum near where your jaw is.

Once the incision is made, your gums are rolled down so that the bone is then exposed. Dr. Luu will then make a cut into the bone itself and which will allow him to take a look at the empty pockets where bone should be.

The sinus membrane will be lifted up and positioned so that there is more room for the bone to be added. The empty pockets will then be filled with bone and your gums stitched back into place.

Once done, Dr. Luu will check your mouth and send you home. You will need to come in for a follow up appointment to have the bone regrowth checked.

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If you are in need of a sinus lift or you would like to discuss your options about dental implants, contact Fairview Dental today. Dr. Luu is experienced in the procedure and can walk you through the process here in our Brentwood, CA office.