Dental implants are quickly growing in popularity that they have become one of the most commonly leaned on dental procedures. The reason behind this is because they mimic natural teeth and they feel and look great. Many patients do like the idea of dental implants because they are durable. Their durability comes from the fact that they are made from titanium and they are implanted into your jaw. Titanium is known to fuse easily with bone and it promotes a healthy growth of the new cells. Once these cells have been created, they bond to the titanium.

Before you are able to smile without fear, you will need to receive a procedure known as dental implant surgery. This procedure sound much scarier than it is and you will not experience any type of pain or discomfort. Most patients are impressed at how routine the procedure is. While it may seem like a scary procedure, you have nothing to worry about. When you come into our Brentwood, CA office, Dr. Luu will walk you through everything you need to know about the upcoming surgery.

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Worry About Dental Implant Surgery

1. The procedure is planned out.

When you get ready to undergo dental implant surgery, you do not need to worry about it. Dr. Luu is not going to start the surgery without a plan in place. In fact, you can rest assured that this procedure will be planned out before you undergo it. Our Brentwood, CA office is equipped with the technology to create a surgical guide for the dental implant procedure. Dr. Luu will use this guide to make the necessary incisions within your mouth.

2. Local anesthesia is all that is required.

Many patients are happy to know that local anesthesia is all they need. In fact, Dr. Luu will administer the local anesthesia before the procedure begins and the Novocain will numb the tissues in your mouth. If you are afraid of the procedure or you experience dental anxiety, it is important for you to speak with Dr. Luu BEFORE the procedure. We do offer sedation options and can accommodate your needs.

3. Discomfort and pain is minimal.

Many patients think that when they undergo a dental implant procedure, they will be left in pain and experience a lot of discomfort. While you may think this way, it is not the case and you will find that the pain and discomfort is minimal. There will be little disruption to your tissues and your stitches are generally self-absorbing, so you do not have to have them removed.

When you have, this procedure performed in our Brentwood office, you will only need to take an over-the-counter pain medication. If you do need something stronger than this, Dr. Luu will prescribe it at his discretion.

The implant site heals quickly and there is a 95 to 97 percent success rate, so the procedure is guaranteed to be successful.

Dental Implant Procedure Overview

Many people are worried about the procedure, especially the surgical part, but it is not something that you need to fear. At Fairview Dental, we work hard to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. We will provide you with all of the information you need about your upcoming appointment. Below, we will explore the procedure in-depth to help you prepare for your Brentwood procedure.

1. Pre-Surgery

Before the procedure starts, Dr. Luu will provide an oral exam to look over your teeth and make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure. If you need to have any work done before the procedure, it will be scheduled at this time. You will have x-rays taken to ensure that a proper surgical map is created for your implants.
If you have any anxiety or questions about the procedure, now is the time to ask Dr. Luu. He will address your concerns and make sure that you understand what to expect. We also offer sedation options that we can discuss at this time.

2. Day of Surgery

One the day of surgery, you may feel a bit nervous and this is okay. You will have your mouth prepped for the procedure and this means that a hole will be drilled into your jaw. Dr. Luu will use the surgical map to know where to drill into your jaw. Before the holes are made, Dr. Luu will cut the gum tissues to expose the bone. From there, he will use a sequences of drilling actions. You will feel all of the vibrations, but you will not experience any pain.

Once the hole is made, the post will be placed into it and an x-ray will then be taken to ensure that the posts are in the correct place. Any areas where the gums were cut will receive sutures. You will need to come back into the office in about a week or two to have the sutures removed, if dissolvable ones are used, you will not have to come in to have them removed.

3. Post-Surgery

Dental implants are considered to be very successful and this is why they are popular. You will need to give the bone time to heal, so you should not expect this procedure to be done in a week or two. You may need to take over the counter medications to relieve any swelling or mild discomfort you may have. Many patients are completely healed within six months to a year. Once the bone is fused to the titanium post, you will receive a crown on top.

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